Vertical Baler

Lik Sang’s Vertical Baler include six models which are LS-30ALL, LS-50ALL, LS-60ALL, LS-80ALL, LS-100ALL, LS-150ALL. This machine can handle different type of materials, like paper, plastic and cotton and non-metal general materials etc. The maximum bale weight can be from 250kg to 800kg. The bale density (OCC) is all the same which is around 450kg/m^3. Therefore, customer can choose their model of machine based on the target bale size. Since the cylinder of each model is different, so it will affect the bale weight. Moreover, the size of this series of baler is rather small and vertical, so they are versatile for area with limited space.



Hydraulic Oil System
High performance, low noise, low vibration hydraulic oil system is the combination of components from many world class hydraulic device suppliers around the world. Tremendous pressure can be produced from this hydraulic system in return of little impact on the surroundings, low noise, low vibration and long lifespan of sealing components under constant usage.

Simple Operation
Easy and simple to use

Full-range Series
From 30T to 150T, one will be suitable for any kind of customer’s needs.

Door Safety
Doors equipped with proximity switches to stop machine when any door is opened during operation to increase safety level for qualification of local workplace safety regulations.

Economic and affordable budget, fit to any scale of business



Model       Name 
Pressure (MPa)161616
Production Capacity (ton/hr)~1000-1500~1500-2000~2000-2500
Bale Size (mm)L889*W610*H(400-1000)L889*W610*H(400-1000)L889*W610*H(400-1000)
 Input Size (mm)L889*H496L889*H496L889*H505
Interior Size(mm)L889*W610*H1446L889*W610*H1446L889*W610*H1555
Bale Weight (kg)~150-250~200-300~250-350
Main Motor (kW)7.51115
No. of Binding Wire (pair)4×24×24×2
Machine Size (mm)L1175*W865*H3172L1275*W940*H3200L1283*W1052*H3308
Machine Weight (ton)~2~2.5~3
Bale Density (kg/m3)~400~450~500


Model   Name
Pressure (MPa)161616
Production Capacity (ton/hr)~3000-3500~3500-4000~4000-4500
Bale Size (mm)L1000*W750*H(500-1100)L1100*W750*H(500-1100)L1100*W750*H(500-1100)
Input Size (mm)L1100*H600L1100*H600L1100*H600
Interior Size(mm)L1118*W737*H1600L1118*W737*H1735L1118*W737*H1726
Bale Weight (kg)~350-450~450-550~600-800
Main Motor (kW)18.518.522
No. of Binding Wire (pair)5×35×35×3
Machine Size (mm)L1536*W1189*H3541L1599*W1245*H4022L1612*W1300*H3987
Machine Weight (ton)~5~6~8
Bale Density (kg/m3)~650~750~900