Fully Automatic Scrap Metal Baler

Lik Sang’s Horizontal Scrap Metal Baling Press include three models which are LS-150HSM (Straight-Out), LS-300HSM (Pry-Out), LS-300HSM (Side-Out) and LS-500. This machine is fully automatic control for compressing hardware and metals waste and the pressure of these three models is 18MPa. The output bale sizes are different due to the compress structure are not the same. Therefore, it can affect the weight of the output bale, 80kg-150kg of each bale weight of LS-150HSM (Straight-Out), 100kg-200kg of each bale weight of LS-300HSM (Pry-Out), 200kg-300kg of each bale weight of LS-300HSM (Side-Out) and 400-500kg of each bale weight of LS-500. Also, the bale density are the same with three different models,LS-150HSM (Straight-Out), LS-300HSM (Pry-Out), LS-300HSM (Side-Out), which is around 2000kg/m^3 and the bale density of LS-500 which is around 2400kg/m^3



Cooling System
For keeping the hydraulic oil temperature in the most optimal range, preventing overheat occur and imposing the necessary of safety and efficiency during production operation. Either air-cooling or water-cooling is available for choosing.

Electric Control System
Employing the imported industrial controlling device combination of PLC and HMI, customized electronic operating control cabinet and the intelligent circuit controlling system combination. Machine operation in Manual/Automatic mode with user friendly interface.

Hydraulic Oil System
High performance, low noise, low vibration hydraulic oil system is the combination of components from many world class hydraulic device suppliers around the world. Tremendous pressure can be produced from this hydraulic system in return of little impact on the surroundings, low noise, low vibration and long lifespan of sealing components under constant usage.

Rigid Compressing Structure
This rigid structure gives the bale a uniformed formation and constant bale dimension.

Large and Wide Feeding Area
Efficient and convenient in materials feeding and suitable for bulky metal wastes like junk yard parts, household appliances etc.



Model  Name  
LS-150HSM (Straight-Out)LS-300HSM (Pry-Out)LS-300HSM (Side-Out)LS-500HSM
Pressure (MPa)18181828
Production Capacity (ton/hr)2335
Bale Size (mm)L(Free)*800*H300L(Free)*W300*H300L(Free)*W500*H500L(Free)*W600*H600
Input Size (mm)L1800*W800*H600L2000*W1500*H700L2200*W1600*H1000L3000*W2000*H1220
Interior Size(mm)L1800*W800*H600L2000*W1500*H700L2200*W1600*H1000L3000*W2000*H1220
Bale Weight (kg)~80-150~100-200~200-300~400-600
Main Motor (kW)3037, 5.537, 5.545(x3), 5.5
No. of Binding Wire (pair)N/AN/AN/AN/A
Machine Size (mm)L6055*W1423*H2570L4976*W3720*H2300L5175*W4600*H3500L7517*6071*H4583
Machine Weight (ton)~ 10~15~18~54
Bale Density (kg/m3)~2000~2000~2000~2400