Fully Automatic Baler

Lik Sang’s Fully Automatic Baler, ranging from 1 tons to 30 tons production capacity per hour. It is perfect for customers in recycling industry to handle a large daily amount of soft solid waste such as cardboard (OCC), corrugated paper, soft plastic package, etc. LS-30T and LS-60T also very popular in Packaging/Corrugation Industrial/Paper & Printing Plants, it utilized the post-production by-products like the corrugated paper from trimming, chipping and dicing process through vacuuming into the machine by air ducting. It is best known for our flagship product, Fully Automatic Baler integrated with imported components, including, superior Electronic Control System, unique Hydraulic Oil System, Wire Auto-tying Device and Agitator. Also, Conveyor and Serrated Shear Blade are the self-design parts of Lik Sang.



Automatic Feeding Conveyor (optional)
High efficient conveyor enhanced the transportation and material-feeding process. Enormous amount of waste paper or other materials can be automatically transported from the ground into the baler, so it can reduce the factory space which the factory can increase the efficiency of daily operation. The conveyor is equipped with small control box on both sides with control buttons of Emergency Stop and Conveyor Pause, the main safety feature of our Conveyor, ensure there is no accident and operator can access control promptly and easily.

Cyclone Separator (optional)
Suitable to link up to corrugated paper production line by air ducts to utilize the trimmed, chipped and diced waste paper to create extra profit for the factory. Also, able to connect to conveyor simultaneously to have 2 materials feeding modes.

Cooling System
For keeping the hydraulic oil temperature in the most optimal range, preventing overheat occur and imposing the necessary of safety and efficiency during production operation. Either air-cooling or water-cooling is available for choosing.

Electric Control System
Sophisticated-design program, integrated with different sensors installed around the machine enable the PLC to automatically execute each step of the baling process including conveyor feeding control, main cylinder compression cycle, bale length monitoring, bale wire-binding and fault notification.

Hydraulic Oil System
High performance, low noise, low vibration oil hydraulic system is the combination of components from many world class hydraulic device suppliers around the world. Tremendous pressure can be produced from this hydraulic system, especially with the Vickers VQ series pump, in return of little impact on the surroundings, low noise, low vibration and long lifespan of sealing components under constant usage.

Flexible Compressing Structure
The exit opening of the compressing and packing machine is featuring a 3-side compressing mechanism with powerful even-distributed pressure. In additional, the applied pressure is adjustable according to the type of waste paper being compressed (OCC, ONP, Magazine, etc.). The powerful pressure speeds up the compressing and packing process, provides heavier bales and improves the housekeeping of the warehouse.

Serrated Shear Blade
Unique serrated shear blade with high strength, high hardness and abrasion-proof property provides precise equal shearing force, resulting in smooth cutting surface on bale, good-looking bale and trouble-free compression process without shear blade jammed.

Wire Auto-tying Device
The auto-tying device employs the “6” shape twisting hooks which have neat structure with chrome-plated surface, faster and steady tying speed driven by hydraulic motor. Bales are securely binded and can be easily moved and stored for later transportation.


Agitator (optional: single or twin version)
Unique design, especially suitable for newspaper, magazine, or any leaflet/book, printed products in stacking formation. The powerful centrifugal force generated by the star-shape rotor beats up the materials in scattered format which provides the paper more even dispersion in the chamber in return of better compressing and packing performance, produces more compact and dense bale, tighter wire-binding and better safety in transportation.



Model  Name
HKLS-30THKLS-60THKLS-80THKLS-100THKLS-100T (Vertical-Threading)
Production Capacity (ton/hr)1-22-43-45-65-6
Bale Size (mm)L(free)*W750*H450L(free)*W750*H750L(free)*W750*H750L(free)*W1100*H750L(free)*W889*H610
Input Size (mm)L900*W700*H450L1540*W700*H750L1540*W700*H750L1740*W1050*H750L1380*W839*H610
Bale Weight (kg)~100-150~300-330~340-370~400-500~400-500
Main Motor (kW)111518.52222
No. of Binding Wire (pair)23334
Machine Size (mm)L4950*W3055*H1908L7286*W9281*H3400L7286*W9283*H3400L11547*W8083*H3800L6000*W1814*H2612
Machine Weight (ton)~4.5~13~14~16~10



Model  Name
Production Capacity (ton/hr)10-1213-1518-2020-2222-2628-30
Bale Size (mm)L(free)*W1000*H1000L(free)*W1000*H1100L(free)*W1100*H1100L(free)*W1100*H1200L(free)*W1100*H1200L(free)*W1200*H1400
Input Size (mm)L2000*W950*H1000L2000*W950*H1100L2000*W1050*H1100L2000*W1050*H1200L2000*W1050*H1200L2000*W1150*H1400
Bale Weight (kg)~650-700~900-1000~1000-1100~1100-1200~1100-1200~1200-1400
Main Motor (kW)37(x1) & 5.5(x1)37(x2) & 5.5 (x1)45(x2) & 5.5(x1)45(x2) & 5.5(x1)45(x2) & 22(x1)45(x2) & 22(x1)
No. of Binding Wire (pair)455555
Machine Size (mm)L14820*W9833*H5000L16463*W10396*H5500L16595*W10396*H5500L16595*W10396*H5500L16595*W10396*H5500L16587*W11396*H5500
Machine Weight (ton)~28~33~38~40~40~42