Shredder and Crusher

Shredder and Crusher are the mechanism to pre-process the materials to make them into even-sized manageable small bits which then will be go to the baler or other cycling processes. Such materials include bulky paper products (cardboard packaging, paper cores) plastic by-products, books/magazines and other confidential documents from government department or private corporates which contents are classified and required to become unrecognizable before proceed to other processes. Shredder and Crusher can be utilized to efficiently increase the baling process and on the other hand decrease the downtimes occurred in the baling production line due to material jammed.



Drive System
Depends on the application, there are different options for the drive system to deliver the power to the processing rotor shaft. Drive system options include chain-driven, belt-driven and coupler direct-driven.

Cutting Blade
Cutting blade is made by special heat-treated hardened steel to ensure efficient shearing and cutting the materials in long durable operation.

Machine Size Customization
Base on customer’s production capacity and materials down-sizing scale, machine can be customized to suit customer’s demands.

Conveyor / Air Blower (optional)
Light-duty conveyor or air blower can be combined into the system to deliver the processed materials to the next stage of production such as the baler.



Model   Name
LS-1000 Crusher(Paper Board)LS-1500  Crusher(Paper Board)LS-500 Crusher(Paper Core)LS-700 Crusher(Paper Core)Shredder
Drive SystemChain-DrivenChain-DrivenCoupler-DivenCoupler-DivenDual Belt-Driven
Main Motor (kW)7.5(4P)11(4P)18.5(6P)30(6P)45(6P) x2
Input Size (mm)L1020*W520L1500*W520W500*H482.5W710*H724L1210*W730
Blade Thickness (mm)1616303050
Machine Size (mm)L2332*W1589*H2051L3030*2069*H2201L2322*W1684*H1550L2854*W1952*H1822L3546*W1051*H2242
Machine Weight (ton)~2~3~2.5~3.5~4