Garments / Textiles Vertical Baler

Lik Sang Garments / Textiles Vertical Baling Press include six models which are LS-30GTB, LS-60GTB, LS-80GTB, LS-100GTB, LS-150GTB and LS-250GTB. This machine is suitable for compressing garments and textiles. If using LS-30GTB to compress Garments and textiles, 45 bales can fit in a 20 feet long container. When using LS-(60-250)GTB, 30 bales can fit in a 20 feet long container, because of the larger size of the bales. Due to the output bale size is smaller from LS-30GTB, the numbers of strappings is 7×3. However, the output bale size is larger from LS- (60-250)GTB, the number of strappings is 8×3. This machine includes the interior stainless-steel plate which will not scratch and damage the garments which are for re-sale purpose. The bale density (OCC) of Garments / Textiles Vertical Baling Press is around 600kg/m^3.



Hydraulic Oil System
High performance, low noise, low vibration hydraulic oil system is the combination of components from many world class hydraulic device suppliers around the world. Tremendous pressure can be produced from this hydraulic system in return of little impact on the surroundings, low noise, low vibration and long lifespan of sealing components under constant usage.

Simple Operation
Easy and simple to use

Dual Cylinders (LS-60GTB and up)
2 main cylinders distributed pressure more evenly on the compressing platen.

Door Safety
Doors equipped with proximity switches to stop machine when any door is opened during operation to increase safety level for qualification of local workplace safety regulations.

Stainless Steel Interior Panel
Prevent damage and tear on garments and textile during compression.



Model   Name LS-30GTBLS-60GTBLS-80GTB
Pressure (MPa)181818
Production Capacity (ton/hr) base on feeding ratebase on feeding ratebase on feeding rate
Bales in 20′ Container453030
Bale Size (mm)L737*W535*H1050L1118*W737*H1120L1118*W737*H1120
Input Size (mm)L737*H318L1118*H400L1118*H400
Interior Size(mm)L737*W535*H1448L1118*W737*H1570L1118*W737*H1600
Bale Weight (kg)~100-150~150-250~250-300
Main Motor (kW)7.51115
No. of Binding Wire (pair)4×28×38×3
Machine Size (mm)L1036*W810*H3243L1512*W1170*H3316L1536*W1189*H3541
Machine Weight (ton)~1.5~4~5
Bale Density (kg/m3)~400~400~450