Fully Automatic Waste Baler

Fully Automatic Waste Baler is manufactured by LIK SANG’s own research and development to deal with high moisture materials such as waste. It is very popular among overseas users.




Model  NameLS-135
Pressure (MPa)18
Production Capacity (ton/hr)4-5
Bale Size (mm)L1200*W800*H800
Input Size (mm)L1200*W1150*H800
Interior Size(mm)L1200*W1150*H800
Bale Weight (kg)~300-400
Main Motor (kW)37
No. of Binding Wire (pair)Adjustable
Machine Size (mm)L7437*W12256*H3000
Machine Weight (ton)~20
Bale Density (kg/m3)~450-500